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Focused on key service areas to ensure that clients’ data management is always accurate, and efficiently processed and controlled





Accurate, consistent and transparent data content emphasizing data precision, granularity and meaning, concentrated on how the content is integrated into business applications and business processes

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Case Study: Summit Upgrade


With financial firms facing an uncertain and potentially volatile regulatory landscape requiring shifting levels of financial transparency and risk management reporting, the pressure to rationalize financial data across business units today is greater than ever.

Providing improved data management capabilities across the enterprise without breaking the IT budget is the key to meeting this challenge. Data needs to be treated as a strategic asset that can be used as a trusted source of information throughout the enterprise and managed throughout its entire lifecycle. This requires a comprehensive approach to data driving all downstream processes.

O3 experts focus in several key service areas to assure our clients’ data management will always be accurate and efficiently processed and controlled.

Our initiatives strive to create accurate, consistent and transparent data content emphasizing data precision, granularity and meaning, concentrated on how the content is integrated into business applications as well as how it is passed along from one business process to another.


The objectives were to gain additional control and flexibility over the business / technical environment and to establish a single instance of the Derivative Trading System to support a standardized service delivery for all of the Bank’s OTC (“Over the Counter”) derivative clients; The scope encompassed business process reengineering to support absorbing the administration and overhead, development of migration programs, reconfiguring system integration, development of use and test cases, documenting an operational procedures manual, developing a migration strategy and deployment plan.


Migrate two disparate Derivative Trading System database instances to single internally supported environment, merging the data into a uniform normalized single instance


The approach was divided into two primary components

Develop static, trade and market data migration programs and Configure a single internal Derivative Trading System environment to support a production environment with normalized configuration

The development component involved first documenting the data migration inventory and requirements for history, audit trails and versions; A gap analysis to identify the additional development required

Each development component was independently unit tested and validated against expected results. The process included testing on dynamically changing data as new customers, new financial instrument templates and new trades were added on a daily basis

The second component focused on the business application, developing robust functional specifications detailed technical specifications, based on industry best practices


Assumed project management responsibility for the data migration testing, integration testing, deployment, parallel testing, production rollout and post production business and technical support


Successful migration of the databases into a single in-house database without any data loss, disruption to the customers or business slowdown, on time and on budget. The process for transferring knowledge to the customer business and technical personnel occurred as part of the post production support process

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